St. Thomas More Award

The St. Thomas More Award is given, at the Annual Dinner (in February of the following year), to attorneys exemplifying the intellect, integrity and moral courage of St. Thomas More in service to God, country and profession.


2020 Sheryl Anderson
2019 Gerald Dennis Patrick Pratt
2018 The Honorable Laura Tighe
2017 Martin Plank
2016 Brian Bates
2015 James A. Castle
2014 R. Livingston Keithley
2012 L. Michael Brooks, Jr.
2011 John Eckstein
2010 Mitchell R. Morrissey
2009 Suanne M. Dell
2008 Steve Michalek
2007 Hon. Jose D.L. Marquez
2006 Hon. Richard G. McManus, Jr.
2005 Mark A. Fogg
2004 Hon. Sheila Rappaport
2003 Ken Salazar
2002 Honorable Brian Campbell
2001 Kevin J. Kuhn
2000 Bill Ritter, Jr.
1999 Hon. Mary J. Mullarkey
1998 James M. Lyons
1997 Eileen S. Kottenstette
1996 Harry G. Titcombe, Jr.
1995 Hon. William Donald Neighbors
1994 John S. Castellano
1993 Thomas Quentin Benson
1992 Hon. John W. Coughlin
1991 Frances A. Koncilja and Joe Clarence Medina
1990 Kathleen Mullen
1989 Hon. Joseph R. Quinn
1988 Hon. Jim R. Carrigan
1987 Hon. Leonard P. Plank
1986 Hon. Karen S. Metzger and Miachel E. Reidy
1985 Richard D. Casey and Donald A. Klene
1984 Theodore A. Borillo
1983 Hon. John L. Kane, Jr. and Donald P. MacDonald
1982 Hon. James Delaney and Charles J. Onofrio
1981 T. Raber Taylor
1980 Hon. Albert Frantz and Anthony F. Zarlengo
1979 Leonard M. Campbell
1978 Hon. William Doyle
1977 Carlos Lucero