Credimus (we believe) in the promotion of high standards of religious and ethical ideals and practices; in the application of general ethical principles to concrete legal problems; and in fostering the intellectual and spiritual welfare of our members.

Throughout the year, the Guild offers opportunities for its members to come together to promote the above goals.


Our Annual Dinner is usually held in late January or early February.  We celebrate Mass together, then libations and fellowship followed by dinner.  After the dinner, our two annual awards are presented.  The St. Thomas More Award is presented to an attorney who exemplifies St. Thomas More in service to God, family, and profession. In addition, an attorney is also selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, based upon her or his lifetime contributions to religion, profession, and country.


Each spring, the Guild hosts its annual luncheon featuring one or more speakers addressing issues of concern facing Catholic attorneys or offering personal reflections on their experiences in practicing law or serving on the bench.


One of the principal activities of the Catholic Lawyers Guild is the sponsorship of the annual Red Mass in the fall, at the beginning of the judicial year. Originating in the middle ages, the Red Mass is so named because of the color of the celebrant’s vestments, symbolizing the tongues of fire that descended on the Apostles at Pentecost. The specific purpose of the Mass is to invoke the assistance of the Holy Spirit for all who seek justice in the daily activities of all members of the legal community during the forthcoming judicial year.  All members of the bar and their guests are invited to participate and all members of the judiciary in attendance are requested to wear their judicial robes. Following the Red Mass, all attendees are invited to a brunch to continue the spirit of the Mass.


Later in the fall, the Guild host a fundraising dinner to benefit a designated charity as selected by the Board on an annual basis.  This dinner brings together our members and guests to enjoy a wonderful dinner and an opportunity to support a designated charity. In the past, the Cherry Tomato has opened on a Monday night just for the Guild to hold this event. As part of the evening, a representative of the selected charity will speak to those in attendance.


In the past, the Guild sponsored a number of Continuing Legal Education Seminars on a bi-annual basis covering topics of interest to our members and sometimes including a half-day retreat.  Moving forward, we plan to focus more of our energies on an annual service project and on ways to collaborate with other faith-based legal entities.

In an age when the legal profession suffers in its role as an ethical and responsible model for society, the Colorado Catholic Lawyers Guild offers to all Catholic lawyers, but especially to those Catholic lawyers concerned about the current status of our profession, an opportunity to become a part of the Guild’s effort to promote justice and to bring legal disputes to resolution in a manner that dignifies our calling.

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